hi hello...
long time no see...
Happy New Year!

main reason for missing from here is trip to India although it was only one week in December. I will write more about india in next post. Another reason is I am making lots and lots of envelopes for Art Market. And the last reason is Instagram... i am so hooked to it that i am now feeling guilty to ignore this space.

I am participating in The Local People X SAM Art Week Day Market happening on 25th January 2015 at Singapore Art Museum from 10am to 7pm. If you are in Singapore please drop by. I will be selling handmade envelopes.

Follow my IG to know what i will be selling at Art Market - @alwaysinsearchof
Also keep checking my etsy shop which i will update after the art market is over- https://littleenvelopeshop.etsy.com

here are two b/w photos of swan taken at botanical gardens singapore during sunday walk.