Flower show

I first came to know about flower show in Bangalore through Indrani's blog 2-3 years before. Since that time I wanted to visit and finally this year I could make it. This was overwhelming.


what would you like to eat today?

today's menu


shadow photography

we loved capturing our shadows especially when we go to beach.....


still thinking about beach.....

even for a while; i close my eyes and always find myself on beach.

want to go back, enjoy the wind, waves, sun, sand between toes, yummy food and cool life.


new year

New year started with long relaxing weekend at home and one more day holiday on monday. I love holiday on monday. guess why? well its a local flea market day. only once a while i get chance to visit there. 

Buying tons of fresh and many times some unusual vegetables and fruits is my favorite hobby. This time along with veggies and fruits i picked up these wild flowers from market. I must have seen them before but this time I noticed and bought. it is a lovely start of my new year.....