Ladakh - Heaven on Earth

Its been more than 10 days that I am back from Ladakh. Its been more than 10 days that I am thinking about writing about my trip and experiences. Found many words but unable to put them together. Why this is happening?? May be because this is truly an incredible place I have ever visited. Still it is very difficult to express what I felt during the trip and what I really experienced.

I read a lot about Ladakh from different websites, blogs before going there. Before the trip I was terribly worried about the acute mountain sickness which was mentioned by each blogger. Being a complete non-adventurous person I never even climbed a hill... forget of mountain. I had no idea what exactly will happen and how will I come to know what acute mountain sickness is. Luckily no such thing happened apart from little headache.

With mixture of several feelings; boarded the flight to Leh from Delhi. Feeling of fear was totally suppressed by feeling of excitement when I saw the first glimpse of snow covered mountains “The Himalaya”. Before this I had only seen them on TV.

From first day onwards I must have seen them everyday nearly from all the places in Leh and around.

As our plane landed I could see only deserted mountains all around and I felt being on completely unknown, unseen planet.


On the war ship

While I was exploring my city on one of the Sunday; I found myself on a war ship. Now this ship is converted into the floating museum. Best part is you can roam freely inside it. She was built during World War II era; commissioned in 1961 and had done remarkable work during 1971 Indo-Pakistan war.

It was thrilling experience to walk through the narrow passages of the ship, watch the rockets and bombs very closely (Of course only outer shell without any explosive); touch the airplanes and helicopters.

Worth the visit.